Damn Glad To Be Here…Yin-Cloudy, Yang-Bright


I’ve thought about the quote “I’m Damn Glad to Be Here” many times in my life for different reasons. I’m sure there are those of you who totally get what I’m talking about. There’s the reason to feel glad because you’ve escaped the bad or realize how much worse things could be…the understanding of the “relativity of life”. Then there’s the other side that is just purely hap, hap, happy to be somewhere or doing something you want or had wished to do for a long time. Maybe you’re happy to be at that special place that you’ve planned on being, maybe it’s a sunset, maybe it’s a birthday, a concert, an accomplishment, or just another day. In many of these cases there isn’t anything to compare to-it’s that once in a lifetime experience.

If anyone reading this has just recently emerged from the “dark side” because you’ve been through a life threatening illness, or a major life-altering event in your life, then you may feel “Damn Glad To Be Here”. Most of us that have fought a big fight have been gifted this lifetime awareness. We know the alternative. We make the most of every day.

This has been a very busy year, filled with both “yin” and “yang”. I’ve been building my new Transformational Career Coaching Business…hope you check that out. Do you want to discover your dream career? Have you for some reason lost track of what your dream career was? I can help you make more money than you ever thought possible doing what you dreamed of doing? Also, my youngest daughter went off to college, and if you have in the past…or have recently…or are about to have one of your kids go off to college-you definitely know what that’s all about. It depends on your kid of course, but it’s often chock-full of “stuff”. If you’ve been down this happy road, you know all about the mental, physical, and yes…financial energy that is required.  If you haven’t been there yet, you have tons of yin and yang to look forward to. My (our), that would be my husband and myself…our smallest one was safely deposited at the college of her choice about a month ago, and it was only a couple of weeks later that she texted asking if she could come home…for good. We’ll see where that goes. This definitely falls on the side of YIN. YIN because she has yet to acclimate herself to the college experience; totally YANG because I was able to see her off to college. There was a time when we weren’t sure if that would be the case. In the scheme of things…knowing what life can dish out…sits comfortably in the “we’ll deal with it” chair. That’s a comfortable chair, not always so easy to find that relaxing chair.

A bit more YANG; My oldest daughter found a job she loves and our smallest college daughter that I just mentioned got her driver’s license.  Back to YIN; my husband’s Mom died- she was 90 years old-that’s a long life. Our 8 ½ year old pet bunny Binky died-that’s a good life in bunnyland. We miss Binky-animals just don’t seem to live long enough, no matter how long they live.

There are probably many other things scattered within this year, but it’s those bigger things that tend to take center stage. It’s October 2014, I’m another year older and I’m Damn Glad To Be Here. I’m glad to be able to put together another fundraiser for brain cancer awareness and cure. I’m glad that this year, my oldest daughter Jamie was able to help me enormously in getting our donations together for our fundraiser.  I’m glad that as of my most recent MRI, I’m OK. I have issues, but who doesn’t? I think about things I want to do, I maintain all the intention of doing them. Life is about every day, and to quote one of my favorite songs in Bye, Bye Birdie “I’ve Got A Lot of Livin’ To Do”! Please join us in helping find a cure for Brain Cancer. Check out this year’s Charitybuzz Fundraiser! We have some fantastic donations! And of course, I love hearing your thoughts!