This is a different kind of video blog, this is “Heidi’s Time Vlog”

September 24th-This is an experiment, I’ve written about “time” for years, I’ve thought about it for a lifetime.  I’ve always been attracted to sayings, quotes, and songs about time, I’ve also had a huge interest in Quantum Physics.  I thought of these things before I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, but one has to wonder how long before I was diagnosed that the tumor I have may have previously existed.  Anyway, I’ve learned things about myself throughout these years, and only very recently I’ve learned something life changing…for me.  My thought was that perhaps it could be helpful to other people.  I’ve decided to Vlog some of what I’ve written over the years here on the site. Here’s my first Vlog.  Lights, Camera, Action…Little more action.  I’ll read my life changing Blog on the last fundraising day if I reach my fundraising goal.  We’re off!!!!!

The 2nd First Year Anniversary Video-What A Difference A Year Makes-In 2010 I was planning a walk, in 2011 I was making that walk, and now in 2012 I’m doing a fundraiser and video about last year’s walk :-). At the end of this fundraiser in 10 days I’ll post my last video on what I’ve learned this last year about myself and living with a brain tumor.  Find what you hear helpful? Donate to Brain Matters


The 1st First Anniversary Video


I will video blog as often as I can while I’m on the road…

November 4th-Thank you to all those that helped make this walk possible.  I’ll continue to be Walkin’ the Walk, just maybe not on the Road!  Nighty-Night!  Don’t forget to Donate…the button is to your Right.  xoxo, Heidi  P.S.-it’s 11:30P, and it’s already starting…I’m remembering people I’ve forgotten to thank-I may have to do a Part 2 or write a Thank you blog.  Thank you to Jennifer and to CC Rentals for donating the cost of the car rental to Brain Matters for our shoot these last couple of days, and my best to your sister-in-law and your family.


November 3rd-Two Days After the walk-my hope was to be able to vlog today, but it’s later than I had wanted to do it, so I’ll be back tomorrow…hope you’ll be too 🙂


Day 31 – Yayy!  I did it!  I have arrived!


Day 30 – I’m almost there! (BTW, the Vlog says it’s the 31st day, but it’s the 30th day-I seemed to have gotten ahead of myself)


Day 29 – Four years ago on October 29th I was packing my bag to head to the hospital for my second brain surgery, yesterday I saw a sign that read “You’re Entering Boston”…I had walked almost 250 miles to read that sign.  Oh what a difference 4 years can make.


Day 28 – So It goes, so it snows, and where it’s going, no one knows


Day 27 – Vlogging about yesterday…today.  I can’t believe I actually walked on some of these “roads”.  These weren’t really roads, they were lots of different things, but they weren’t roads.


Day 26Just too tired to vlog about today…tonight.  I will vlog about today…tomorrow.  Tomorrow is a “Down Day”  Nighty, Night


Day 25 – Talk about walking on the edge…Hello Massachusetts


Day 24 – Part 2 – Oh, but there’s more…I forgot


Day 24 – Part 1 – Education is Key


Day 23 – Has it been over three weeks already?  Oh yeah!


Day 22 – Oh What A Day I’ve Had Today.  Or Was That Yesterday?  Or Maybe It Was Both Days…


Day 20 – Awfully Good!


Day 19 – It’s All In the Timing


Day 18 – Going with the Flow


Day 16 – Moving On Up The East Side…and how I learned that you can’t vlog for longer than ten minutes at any one time.  Apologies to my Mystic people, I’ll be sending my “shout outs” to you in Day 18’s blog since I forgot a couple of names, and had to edit a couple because the blog was too long.


Day 13 – Extra, Extra, Read All About It!


Day 12 – Amazing with a capital “A”


Day 11 – Excuse me, how far are you walking?


Day 10 – Purpose is Powerful


Day 9 – So that’s what Mapquest means when the directions say “use caution”-there are no sidewalks…no sidewalks at all.  I spent eight plus miles not just walking, but climbing on the side of the roads from Milford to New Haven, CT.


Day 7 – Lovely Walk in the Neighborhood!


Day 6 – Note to Self:


Day 5 – A Day I’ll Always Remember…among many things I spoke at Greenwich High School, A Big Thank You to All of You!


Day 3 – Funny to think it takes three days to walk from Port Washington, NY to Port Chester, NY  Go figure 🙂


Day 2 – Was so tired when I recorded this that I said it was my third day of walking, not my second, Oops! 🙂


Day 1 – Big Day! Really Big Day! Been thinking about this day for over a year!