Brain Matters Inc. is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) public charity. Our purpose is to promote medical research of brain and skull base tumors by supporting hospitals and medical centers conducting medical research in the area of brain and skull base tumors; to promote treatment for these tumors by supporting the hospitals and centers which treat patients with these tumors, and the non-profit organizations which support patients undergoing treatments for brain and skull base tumors.

Brain Matters Inc. raised public awareness and educated the public about brain tumors by involving them in a public walking event. Our event Walking Miles 4 Brain Matters, included the creating and presenting of a short documentary film about the walking event from Long Island to Westchester through to New England, ending in Boston. We continue to dream of other activities and fundraisers which may be necessary, useful, or suitable for the furtherance, accomplishment or attainment of our goal…to detect brain tumors earlier, and to find a cure for them.  Our Tax ID# is 27-3592668.