Weekend Three…the Magical Slurpee!

I’m not a soda drinker. I never took the Pepsi Challenge,…I haven’t tapped into “The Real Thing”. I never got hooked on the high caloric, high caffeine, low nutritional value soda experience. I guess somewhere along the line I decided to grab that experience elsewhere.

When I got home this weekend, I was feeling the way I had all week, like I had been on the high seas in a small boat…no land in sight. After dinner (I didn’t eat much). Jon suggested that we go to 7-11, that there was a “Free Slurpee Promotional”. The kids and Jon were excited…they like Slurpees. I liked the price tag., so I decided that I would partake. Off we went…four Coke Slurpees.

Jon handed me a bright green 7-11 cup, with a plastic dome cover…no regular cover could hold all this fluffy Coke goodness. I took my first sip…it felt kind of decadent, like I was doing something extremely subversive, I was about to join the Coke Generation…(s).

This was just what the doctor ordered, the coke syrup, the bubbles, the icey fluff…this was my elixir of life. I started to feel better than I had in days. Why had I poo-pooed this all my life? This was goodness in a cup.

I will need to drink more of these, I remember that there is a 7-11 a few blocks from the apartment in Boston…I just will need to harness the energy to walk there….but I must walk there.

So glad I found this magical Slurpee. When after drinking almost ¾ of the cup, I put it on the counter top with the intention of revisiting it later. Turns out I didn’t revisit it until the next morning. I was a bit disconcerted to see that the magical Coke Slurpee had eaten through its bright green Magical cup. Hmmm…wonder what else it eats through. I don’t care, maybe it is its superior erosive qualities that are just what I need right now.

Up with Coke Slurpees!