Day Twenty-Six and Twenty Seven

Jamie I ended up at the last minute staying at the Liberty Hotel on Monday night (Day 25) and Tuesday night (Day 26). I couldn’t face coming into the apartment and finding out that maybe the smell hadn’t evaporated, and then having it be too late to find another place to stay…so on Monday morning Jon booked a room for us for two nights.

On Tuesday I sent Jamie over to the apartment as a neutral nose. She sniffed it out. She called and said that as the neutral nose, she could safely say…”it still smelled, and that for her it was not so good, but not so bad… but because ever scent is seemingly sending me this way and that, that she didn’t think I should stay there”.

Now what? We couldn’t continue to stay at the Liberty, although it was the easiest solution, I just couldn’t justify the extra money. The other alternative would be Mass General Hospital Housing (I had stayed here when Jon and I came up to Boston for my set-up day). It’s fairly close to the hospital (although at the top of a very, very steep hill-we’d have to take a taxi), it’s clean, and it’s cheap. I made a call to find out if they had a room available for Wednesday and Thursday night…which they did. So that will be our digs for the next two nights. Jamie is very excited. Just kidding. What can I say, once you’ve been to the Liberty Hotel, it’s hard not being at the Liberty Hotel.

My friend from college, who lives in Seattle, but is vacationing on the Cape, drove into Boston for the afternoon to have lunch with Jamie and I…she hadn’t seen Jamie in 12 years…big change. It was a lot of fun; wish it could have been longer. She helped move us from the Liberty to MGH housing, and then was even able to take us to Proton at 3:30P. Had my 27th treatment. Down to single digits now, only 8 more to go.