Day Seven

Proton Center is down again. At Noon I received a call asking me if I could reschedule my 4:30P Proton session to a 3:30P Photon (conventional) radiation treatment. Is this really a question, or more like a redirection with a please? They say jump, I jump; it’s the whole reason I’m here, I’ll do whatever I need to do.

Jamie and I decide to visit the New England Aquarium (just a short walk from where we’re staying)…everything is so close in Boston…love that. It was fun and really relaxing to just watch the penguins for a couple of hours. The walk back was way more than I was up for…the temperature was supposed to be 84 degrees, but I don’t know how that was possible since it felt like 100 degrees. I forgot what Boston summers can feel like. We got back to the apartment around 2:45P. My cell phone rings, “Heidi, the Proton machine is back up, can you come, to Proton Center at 4:50P? They say jump, I jump. I jumped in at 4:50P, but didn’t jump out until 6P…they were backed up because the machine had been out of commission for a day and a half…and so this may be the way of things.