Day Eleven

Don’t know which is more tiring,…Mondays, when I travel and radiate on the same day, or Tuesdays,…the day after I travel and radiate. There is something about the day after Mondays, that feels like a hangover…sort of a delayed reaction to all the schlepping which is really draining. Tuesdays are starting to feel like a day to just slog through…I really need to take it easy on Tuesdays.

My friend Joe came today, he is the perfect friend for today. He was totally fine with not doing much but eat, talk, and go with me to radiation. Just perfect!

He arrived about 10:45A. Radiation was supposed to be at 2:30P…but I got the call. “The machine is down, would I be able to go to Photon radiation at 3P?” And so I do. Joe and I get there at 3P, we wait until 3:45P, I’m out at around 4:30P. Afterward, I feel that Photon feeling, flush, dizzy, and tired. Joe and I head back to the apartment, we order pizza, we eat in, and afterward we go for a walk. To do what else? To get ice cream. What’s a day without ice cream? We walk to Ben & Jerry’s…for what else? Chocolate Therapy. It’s the “have to have it” flavor of now. The cure to cure all ills. It’s a nice walk, the light is low but not dark, the temperature is not the 90 degrees of the day, but instead a cool 80…with a slight breeze. We walk through Boston Public Garden, and see the swan boats, and the fountains and the Paul Revere sculpture, and it’s the perfect end to the day.

Joe leaves about 9:30…and I think tomorrow is Wednesday already, two days from Friday, and it’s not Monday travel day, or Tuesday…the day after travel day. The week is looking good.