The Weekend

What can I say…I was really glad to get home, and then it was Sunday.

I felt strong enough to go to my 8A yoga class on Saturday…very happy about that. We created a healing circle, and then my yogamates asked me how I was doing. I said that I was feeling okay and that I had just completed my first week of radiation. The group clapped and congratulated me as if I had just completed something quite enormous…like I had completed a Marathon, or completed my Masters degree, or maybe completed my first week of sobriety. I felt a bit shy about receiving this attention for completing a week of radiation. I gathered up my yoga things, and said goodbye, and as I thought more about this attention, I thought this is worth applauding, not because I did all that much this week, but because I was now one week closer to being at the end of my own Marathon.

On Sunday it’s time to pack up again, and get on the road. Monday is Rachel’s first day at Day Camp, she’s really excited.. and I’m glad I can see her off on the bus before she goes. Jon stays behind this week and works, Jamie comes with me…and she’s really excited. Just kidding. This will be a short week, no radiation on Friday. It’s everyone’s holiday weekend, even Proton Center. We’ll be home on Thursday afternoon, provided traffic is not insane, if it is…we’ll be home Thursday night. Thinking about the mask…obsessing about the mask. Feel okay, felt better, felt worse. I think I mostly feel tired.