Day Three…Conventional Radiation

I have to hold very still. My head is laid on an “immobilizing device”, to the non-medical everyday man this looks like a piece of plastic that fits your head. Certain adjustments are made,…chin up, tilt this way, tilt that way, the technicians line up my previously made tattoos, a piece of surgical tape is stretched across my forehead to keep me…very still. The technicians leave the room and step behind a foot thick door, and I stay behind. The table moves, the machinery moves around me, I notice a red beam of light, some high pitch sound, I can open my eyes and look around…but only my eyes can move…not my head…I have to lie very still. If I move the radiation will not target what it needs to…I think I really need to swallow, but I won’t, because I need to do this right. The beam stops, the high pitched sound stops, the foot thick door opens. The tape is removed, the table is lowered, and off I go onto my day. “Have a nice day”, the techs say to me “See you tomorrow”. It feels like no big deal, but it so is…as soon as I get off the table I feel not the same as when I got on…a bit dizzy, a bit seasick, wiped…like I’ve definitely been through something.

Jon and I head back to the apartment, where I need…need to rest for a while. We think about what I’m up for, and where to go. I could easily lie around all day…but I won’t, if I can go…I’m going. We decide to take a road trip to Ipswich for Ipswich Clams (about a 45 minute ride), and then to Richardson’s Ice Cream (an ice creamery where they milk their own cows, and make their own ice cream). I have Kahlua Fudge Brownie and Peppermint Stick in a cup, and Jon has a Coffee Fudge Oreo Cone. The portions are huge and delicious. This is entertainment!