Day Six

Jamie and I set out at 10:30A for a 4:30P Proton appointment, on what usually is about a three and half hour ride form Port Washington, NY to Boston, MA. What do they say “best laid plans”? Instead it turned out be a five and half hour ride, we got into Boston at about 4P. It wasn’t like this last week, maybe it was because of the holiday coming up, but it seemed like all people were on the road at the same time, heading to places North. By the time we unloaded our stuff and dropped off the car at the garage it was about 4:15P…but this way okay. Just as I was starting to wonder if I would make my appointment on time after leaving what I thought was a comfortable 6 hours between leaving New York and my appointment in Boston…I got a call. My 4:30P Proton session needed to be moved; I was instead to go to regular radiation in another building at 7P. See how everything just works out? LOL! And I was worried about the mask.

Turns out that the Proton machine was down today (this happens, I’m told). The calibration on the machine is so precise that should it become even slightly off, they shut down the machine for repair and reschedule all Proton patients to the conventional radiation location. Hard to complain about this, precision is everything when it comes to radiation.

Jamie and I shopped at Whole Foods, and then went to my 7P appointment, which became more like 7:30P, because my chart hadn’t been sent over yet. The chart arrived. They did their usual “hold still”, and we were out of there in no time.

My thoughts…the machinery may be precise, but the scheduling is not. Quite the day. Time to sleep.