Some things can’t be expressed on film or video blog. Some things you have to write down.

When I was speaking at Fairfield Ludlowe High School yesterday one of the students asked me how I thought what I’ve been through had changed me?  This of course is a huge question.  It would take almost an entire class to answer just this question.  But I think if I had had the time to think about it beforehand, the way I’ve had since he asked, I would say that it has given me the understanding of the power of the ability to “keep on keepin’ on”.  If today is not good, tomorrow may be better. If the weather is bad today, then there’s the possibility it’ll be better tomorrow.  This walk that I’m taking symbolizes all of that to me.  So far I’ve had terrific weather, that’s been great, but I’ve also gotten lost and my cell phone has run out of battery power. Things that I was hoping would happen didn’t, but I keep on keepin’ on.  Perhaps, I always had a bit of this in me, but I know I’ve needed to have it for all that I’ve been through.  And so…I’m, walking the walk, which in some way or another I feel I’ve been doing for some time now, even before I took that first step out the door this last Saturday.